Dear Ms Blume,

I'm guessing you have an entire home's worth of fan letters. Please allow me to add one more.

My name is Kerry Mansfield and I'm a professional photographer, based in San Francisco. My work has been featured in Harpers, the New York Times, The Boston Globe and TIME

Although it's been decades since I read your books religiously (I'm in my 40's now), your work continues to inspire me. 

My childhood memories are linked to Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret, Tiger Eyes, Iggy’s House and more. Your work taught me the value of empathy, respect and self-esteem. Your writing kept me in the library at lunch, after school and on the weekends.

I recently completed a new series, titled Expired, which pays homage to those books, additional essential titles from my coming of age years and adult literary classics. The photographs are a visual study of the well-traveled, timeworn faces of ex-library books that delves into the disappearing shared experience found only in a communal library book. [Complete Expired Statement]

The Expired collection is going to be published this fall by Themes + Projects Gallery in San Francisco. I'd be honored if you would consider writing a short introduction for book. You're the first and only author that I suggested to my publishers and they were thrilled with the idea. 

In return I'd be happy provide a stipend for your time and to donate an Expired print to you or an organization of your choice.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and for the years of inspiration.

Kerry Mansfield