Dear MR hawke,

I’m guessing you have an entire home's worth of fan letters. Please allow me to add one more.

My name is Kerry Mansfield and I'm a professional photographer, based in San Francisco. My work has been featured in Harpers, the New York Times, TIME and CNN. 

Your movies and books are favorites of mine but what really impressed me is your commitment to libraries. More specifically, the work you’ve done with the NYPL’s Young Lions and recently as their newly added Trustee of the NYPL Board. When you said, “To me, The New York Public Library is a holy place”, I knew you were the best person to contact. 

In your early acting years I became enamored with the Dead Poet’s Society film for more reasons than I can name, a huge early teenage crush to mention one. But aside from that obvious inclination, I loved how you played a character completely taken by the power of literature and it’s ability to incite change. 

I spent an incredible amount of time in libraries as a child and teenager. I've turned those happy memories into an homage of sorts in a series of photographs entitled Expired documenting the time-worn beauty of ex-library books and how quickly we’re losing a physical record of the communal experience of shared reading. 

Please visit my site here to view the series, press articles (also below), my CV and statement for Expired. 

The collection will be published in late 2016 by Themes + Projects Gallery and I'm looking for the perfect person to write a short book introduction. Of course I’m more than happy to provide a stipend for your valuable time or donate an exhibition print to you or a non-profit of your choice. 

I'm guessing you get these kinds of requests often but I believe in the power of libraries to transform lives and that my art conveys that message not only effectively but also with great passion and visual depth.

Kerry Mansfield