Kerry Mansfield is a San Francisco based photographer whose work explores time and how it affects our perceptions of what we see and the world it envelops. Born in New Jersey in 1974, Kerry graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from UC Berkeley and did further studies at CCA (California College of the Arts) to refine her sense of space and architecture. 

Kerry Mansfield’s work has been exhibited globally and garnered numerous honors including LensCulture’s Single Image Award, multiple World Photography Organization, PX3 and IPA Awards, and as a Critical Mass Finalist for three years. A host of press and publications, ranging from the Time Lightbox to the New York Times LensBlog, have featured several of her bodies of work. Kerry’s Expired series monograph was released in spring 2017 and accompanied by solo exhibitions in several major U.S. Cities. Her new series, entitled Threshold, was released in late spring 2017 and has been shown in several exhibitions. She's currently creating a new body of work focused on tidal shifts as a metaphor for how time alters memories. 

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2017    Expired, Themes + Projects Gallery, San Francisco, CA
            Aftermath, La Quatrieme Image, Paris, France
2016    Grounded, SFO Museum, San Francisco, CA
2015    Expired, Corden Potts Gallery, San Francisco, CA
            Aftermath, Arezzo e Fotografia, Arezzo, Italy
            Expired, Griffin Museum, Boston, MA
2014    Aftermath, SF Camerawork, San Francisco, CA
2012    Grounded, Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2011     Borderline, Center for Fine Art Photography “CENTER Forward”, Fort Collins CA
            Borderline, WallSpace Gallery curated by Crista Dix


2018     Panopticon Gallery, ‘Flight of Fancy’, Boston, MA
            Center for Fine Art Photography, ‘Juried Members’ Exhibition, Ft. Collins, CO

2017     New York Center for Photographic Arts, ‘Primary Colors’, New York, NY
            Center for Fine Art Photography, ‘Singular’, Fort Collins, CO
            Griffin Museum of Photography, ‘Aviary’, Boston, MA
            MoPLA (Month of Photography L.A.), ‘Analogue Portrait Project’, Los Angeles, CA
            Vermont Center for Photography ‘Annual Juried Book Exhibition’, Brattleboro, VT
            Filter Photo ‘Deception’, Chicago, IL

2016    Dina Mitrani Gallery, ‘The Lives of Books’, Miami, FL

2015    PhotoPlace Gallery ‘Windows, Mirrors, and Doors’, Middlebury, VT
            MPLS Photo Center ‘Still Life: The Inanimate Subject’, Minneapolis, MN
            Project Basho Gallery, ’Onward Compe’ Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA

2014    Center for Fine Art Photography ‘Open Theme’, Fort Collins, CO
            LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) ‘Juried 40’, Los Angeles, CA
            The Photo Review ‘Annual Competition Top 15’, The University of Arts Philadelphia, PA

2013    Filter Photo Festival ‘Mapping, Borders, Bodies, Memories’: “Best in Show”, David Weinberg Gallery, Chicago, IL
            Center for Fine Art Photography ‘Water’, Fort Collins, CO
            SF Camerawork ‘Member’s Book Exhibition’: “Jury Selection”, San Francisco, CA
            Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography ‘Time’ Exhibition: “Best in Show”, Detroit, MI
            The Kiernan Gallery ‘Open Water’, Lexington, VA

2012    APA (American Photographic Artists) ‘Something Personal’ Exhibition: “Best in Show”, San Francisco, CA
            Santa Fe Workshops ‘Outside’: “Honorable Mention”, Santa Fe, NM
            Filter Photo Festival ‘Light’: “Best in Show”, David Weinberg Gallery, Chicago IL
            Newspace Center for Photography ‘Annual Member’s Showcase’, Portland, OR
            Photo Center Northwest ‘Equivalents’, Seattle, WA (Juried by W.M. Hunt)
            Newspace for Photography ‘Annual Juried Show’, Portland, OR
            The Fence @ PhotoVille, Brooklyn, NY (Jurors: Laura Moya, Michael Itkoff, Dana Faconti)
            PhotoPlace Gallery ‘Portfolio Artists Competition’, Middlebury, VT
            MLPS Photo Center ‘The Portrait Up Close & Personal’, Minneapolis, MN
            Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography ‘Change of Pace’, Detroit, MI (Juror: David Bram)
            Garrison Art Center ‘PHOTO Centric’ Exhibition, Garrison, NY
            Jennifer Schwartz Gallery ‘Summer Show’ Exhibition, Atlanta, GA
            FOTO 8 Gallery ‘Summer Show’, London, UK (Juror: Simon Roberts)
            Kellicut International ‘Vibrant’ Exhibition: “Honorable Mention”, Monterey, CA

2011     Newspace Center for Photography ‘3rd Annual Member’s Showcase’, Portland, OR (Juror: Laura Moya)
            Newspace Center for Photography ‘7th Annual Juried Exhibition’, Portland, OR
            Center for Fine Art Photography ‘Human + Being’, Fort Collins, CO
            Kellicut International Exhibition ‘Inspiration or Desperation’, Monterey, CA
            1650 Gallery, ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’, Los Angeles, CA
            LightBox Photographic Gallery ‘The Photographic Nude’, Astoria, OR
            Darkroom Gallery ‘A True Story’, Essex Junction, VT
            APA (American Photographic Artists) ‘Naked’, San Diego, CA
            PhotoPlace Gallery ‘Natural Playground’, Middlebury, VT
            Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design Perspectives Gallery ‘Then & Now: The Art of Development’, Milwaukee, WI
            University of Nebraska Eisentrager-Howard Gallery ‘You’re Making Me Uncomfortable’, Lincoln, NE
            Rayko Photo Center ‘Fraction Magazine: 3 Years in the Making’, San Francisco, CA

2010    Photo Center Northwest ‘Strange Beauty’, Seattle, WA
            Rayko Photo Center ‘Portrait Revealed’, San Francisco, CA (Juror: Ann Jastrab)
            Darkroom Gallery ‘Interactive Portraits’, Essex Junction, VT
            PhotoPlace Gallery ‘The Art of Self Portraiture’, Middlebury, VT (Juror: Aline Smithson)
            Newspace Center for Photography ‘Annual Members Showcase’: “3rd Place”, Portland, OR
            APA (American Photographic Artists) ‘Something Personal’ Exhibition: “3rd Place”, San Francisco, CA
            Photo Center Northwest ‘Annual Members Exhibition’, Seattle, WA
            Worldwide Photography Gala Awards ‘Storyteller Exhibition’, Buenos Aires, Brazil
            Kopeikin Gallery Slideluck PotShow ‘Women’s Work Theme’, Los Angeles, CA
            (Artists included: Elinor Carucci, Julie Blackmon, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Lauren Greenfield,)
2009    Rayko Photo Center ‘It’s a Still Life’, San Francisco, CA
            Rayko Photo Center ‘Annual Group Exhibition’, San Francisco, CA
            Southern Exposure Gallery ‘11th Annual Juried Exhibition’, San Francisco, CA
            APA (American Photographic Artists) ‘Something Personal’ Exhibition, San Francisco, CA



2018    PX3 Annual Awards: Bronze Book Prize
           Tokyo Foto Awards: Honorable Mention

2017    Neutral Density (ND) Awards: Honorable Mention

2016    Baum Award for Emerging Photographer: Nominee
            PX3 “Red”: Honorable Mention
            One Eyeland Annual: Bronze Award for Conceptual Category
            Neutral Density (ND) Awards: Honorable Mention

2015    Critical Mass Finalist “Top 200”
            IPA Lucie Awards, Professional Fine Art Still Life Category: Honorable Mention
            Onward Compe ‘15’, Finalist (Juror: Elinor Carucci) 
            See.Me Exposure Award Documentary Collection
            World Photography Organization Awards (WPO), Professional Portrait Category: Shortlist Top 10
            LensCulture “Emerging Talent Top 50”
            PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris, Professional Fine Art Still Life Category: Silver Award

2014    Critical Mass Finalist “Top 200”
            Worldwide Photography Gala Awards ‘6th Edition Julia Margaret Cameron Award: 3rd Place
            IPA Lucie Awards, Professional Fine Art Still Life Category: Honorable Mention

2013    Critical Mass Finalist “Top 200”
            APA Lucie Foundation Professional Scholarship: Shortlist “Top 24”
            IPA Lucie Awards, Fine Art Still Life Professional: Honorable Mention
            FotoVisura Grant: Honorable Mention 

2012    Grand Prix de la Decouverte International Fine Art Photography Award: Finalist
            World Photography Organization Awards (WPO), Professional Documentary Category: Shortlist
            New York Photo Awards: Documentary Category Finalist
            WPGA (Worldwide Photography Gala Awards) Portrait Award: Honorable Mention (Juror: Steve McCurry)
            PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris, Professional Category: Honorable Mention
            Czech Republic Photo Annual Awards, ‘Oceans’ Category: 2nd Place

2011    CENTER Review Santa Fe, Juried Portfolio Review
            World Photography Organization Awards (WPO), Professional Documentary Portrait Category: Shortlist Top 10
            LensCulture International Exposure Awards: Grand Prize Single Image (Jurors: Daphne Angles,
            Bevin Bering Dubrowski, James Estrin)
            IPA Lucie Awards, Fine Art Professional Self-Portrait category: 1st Place
            Worldwide Photography GALA Awards: The Storyteller: 1st Place
            Czech Republic Photo Annual Awards, ‘Emotion’ Categor:y: 1st Place
            Lucie Foundation Fresh Look Portfolio Review Selection

2010    PX3 Prix de la Photographie, Paris, France (Juror: Daphne Angles, New York Times Paris Photo Editor)
            IPA Lucie Awards, Fine Art Professional Portrait Category Honorable Mention
            Worldwide Photography GALA Awards: ‘The Julia Margaret Cameron Award’: Top 10
            Worldwide Photography GALA Awards: ‘Professional Self Portrait Category’: 1st & 3rd Place
            (Jurors: Mary Ellen Mark, Allesandra Sanguinetti, Rosanna Checchi)
            Artists Wanted ‘The Power of Self’: Honorable Mention

2009    CENTER Review Santa Fe: Juried Portfolio Review 



2017    The Photographer’s Forum Magazine 35th Annual: Top 100  
            The Photo Review Annual 2017 (11.2017)

2016    The Photo Review Annual 2016 (11.2016)

2015    PDN Photo Annual: “Personal” Fine Art Category (06.2015)
            PDN Photo Annual: “Self Promotion” Commercial Still Life Category (06.2015)
            Harpers Magazine: Page 84 (02.2015)
            Photographer’s Forum Magazine 33rd Annual: Top 100

2014    The Photo Review Annual 2014: 11th Place (11.2014)
            PDN Photo Annual: “Personal” Fine Art Category (06.2014)
            NYPH Journal (New York Photo Awards by PowerHouse Books): Issue #1 (02.2014)
            Photographer’s Forum Magazine 32nd Annual: Top 100

2013    Gente Di Fotografia (Italian Contemporary Photography Magazine): Issue #55 (05.2013)

2012    Artists Wanted Exposure Book 2012 Edition (12.2012)
            Photographer’s Forum Magazine 30th Annual: Top 100

2011     PDN “FACES” Portrait Competition Winners Issue (08.2011)

2010    Woman Magazine (Austria’s Leading Women’s Publication) Feature Article “Aftermath” (09.2010)
            The Photo Review 2010 Competition Winners Issue (11.2010)
            Photographer’s Forum Best of Photography 2010 Finalist (12.2010)
            Shots Magazine ‘The Body Issue’: Centerfold Prize (Issue #111)



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